Life is made up of a series of decisions but really, it only takes one decision to change the rest of your life – it could be the moment you choose to stand up, the moment you decide to wake earlier than usual, it could be a Monday and if you’ve finally decided to take the risk you’ve been so scared of. It can be any moment at any given time – it is your decision. 

For Michael Angelo Gaborno, this moment came a long while after college. Before that he’d wake up to the sight of his siblings and everything around him just moving on, while he was there: stuck and stagnant. One day, he just dreamt about making empanadas and immediately, when he woke up, he recalled fond memories of being in third grade at Ilocos, watching his grandmother make her iconic empanadas and breathing in the smell of home and comfort. This was his moment.

With a homegrown recipe in hand and a passion to cook in the other – Michael seized his moment and was ready to bring the true taste of the north all the way to the south. It’s never a bed of roses when you venture into something that you’re unfamiliar with. There will be always be harsh critique, some will laugh even when you’re there, and some might say things to wear out your confidence. But if Michael’s learned anything, it’s that the journey does not stop when things become hard, but rather, the just journey continues and we become wiser, and stronger for what we’ve gone through. 

It’s easy to believe that we can have so many other decisions in this lifetime, why does change have to be anchored on solely one? This is simply because in that moment you have finally chosen to change your life. It isn’t because you were influenced to, or someone forced you into a decision, it is realizing that you have so much more potential to showcase; it is realizing worth and the beauty that your hands can craft.  

A dream, a decision, and a changed person.





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