Store Policy

Customer Care

Our site ensures our customers safety and comfort, for inquiries and concerns don't hesitate to send us an email or a message here to assist you with your problem. We will do our best to provide our sellers and customers a healthy environment and an avenue to hep each other through different services. misconduct among sellers, drivers and even customers will be taken seriously and may even cause the parties involved to be blacklisted from the site.

Privacy & Safety

To protect our customer's data privacy, we prohibit collection of sensitive information such as bank details or any mode of online payment. Payment transactions will be made directly between seller and the customer. 

Information such as name, address and email address will only be used to identify and contact the customer. this information will be stored properly and will not be use for third party services.

Wholesale Inquiries

For inquiries about wholesale, bulk orders and even scheduled party packs, email us or send us a message here to arrange an agreement between the customer and the seller. Inquiries about this must be done weeks before the scheduled order to ensure the quality and availability of our sellers.


Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- GCash

additional rules

Before proceeding, please read all the instructions thoroughly as to avoid any confusion.


  1. Be 400% sure before submitting this order form. NO cancellation of orders. Bogus buyers and joy reservers will be blacklisted and posted.

  2. All prices indicated at the website are all in except for the local shipping fee (LSF).

  3. After submitting this form, a confirmation email will be sent to you within two days.

  4. Payments are to be made to secure your order. Payment first before product processing. Failure to pay automatically cancels your order. Three (3) consecutive cancellations put you on our blacklisted list.

  5. For payment to be acknowledged, the buyer must submit the payment form from the website. There will be a payment confirmation email (receipt) and we will be updating the masterlist within two days once payment is made.

  6. 6. Payments made are non-refundable unless the items have been sold out.

  7. We are not liable for any damaged or lost parcels. That will be the courier's responsibility. ************ 

  8. At least 3 hours before delivery, the customer will receive a call regarding the shipment of the product. Failure to meet and updating the courier within 15 minutes after going to the target location will follow this sanction system.


  • First Offense - Warning 

  • Second Offense - 20 pesos fine to be received by the courier

  • Third Offense - 40 pesos fine to be received by the courier.

  • Fourth Offense - Written Apology

  • Fifth Offense - Blacklisting