Business is a continuous process of change and evolution. The trends from a year ago might not be the same trends at this point on. It’s always a challenge to produce fresh ideas and great innovations especially on classic products that have been in the market for the longest time and who already have many distributors. Maria Arbas and Mark Hernandez show us that with passion and great dedication a classic favorite can still tingle the taste buds and bring in excited customers. 


Siomai MC was initially born from the idea of once again tasting a favorite food since Maria has been located in Kuwait for about 20 years. Additionally, Maria took a step in faith and converted to Islam, so there had to be changes made -- Halal. To her, Halal is not simply a word that allows them to eat particular food, but rather, halal is a practice and a way of life. This practice provides a healthier and cleaner concept to the classic pork-based dimsum as well as opens it up to the consumption of a wider variety of people. 


Since coming back to the Philippines, the co-owners have aimed to bring their personalized recipe to the masses and give them a taste of the healthy alternative. They pride themselves in the perfected combination of 15 ingredients personally selected by them. Though, there have been struggles as the halal industry is not quite known and established as it is in Kuwait, the co-owners continue to persevere through the loops holes and rough patches for their product.


Moreover, Siomai MC aims to be known not just as a Halal product but as a great tasting product. Maria emphasizes that she hopes people don’t just focus on the Halal part but rather they see the product as it is -- quality and innovation. 


Now, they’re focused on reaching the population little by little. They are confident that the twist they bring to this classic favorite will attract new people and make them realize the potential of the Halal sector. This challenge is not just about making their product known but it is concerned with opening up the masses to the Halal industry and allowing them to enjoy a new set of cuisines and flavors. 


The business industry will always be in constant motion and shift, but we must be reminded that we are as well. The industry is anchored on the confidence we have placed on ourselves to bring about change and development. 





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