As a child, I recall fond memories of visiting my grandparents’ house. The old architecture was consuming and all the more elegant with age. It stood confident throughout time and is witness to countless events that have happened on our street. The house was beautiful, but one of the things that I loved to admire inside the house was the skillfully crafted designs on cloth -- embroidery. It gave the structure more heart and soul -- each intricate stitch and graceful weave showed personality. 


Truly, the embroidery scene is not as popular as it used to be. Nowadays, not everyone has the luxury of time to check for details and patterns on the tablecloth or linens they purchase; it has become an acquired taste. However, Marietta’s Embroidery has stood the test of time and is continually weaving designs of intricacy into the mundane portions of life, and now, more than ever, resiliency. 


The half-a-century old shop began 1971 through a mother’s earnest passion and love for the delicate craft and was later on continued by Edith Bernardo, the eldest daughter. It has then evolved to become one of the biggest suppliers for industry and who’s designs can be spotted at Rustan’s, Tesoros, Landmark, and SM Kultura.


Additionally, the shop prides itself in the use of Philippine raw materials as well as in employment of housewives, mothers, and those who were not privileged enough to study who handcraft each design. Edith highlights that importance of giving back to the community that has supported them throughout the years. Essentially, to her, embroidery is not weaving patterns and manufacturing designs alone, it is sewing together a community of support and growth as well as showing people the beauty they can create from their capacity. 


In these trying times, the shop struggles to stay afloat -- the pandemic has proven to be a harder storm to brave. But this will not stop them. Marietta’s Embroidery is a testament of resilience, not just within the industry, but throughout the difficult times. It stands firm on its ground and has managed to weather through far stronger storms. This is the legacy that we will remember it by -- resilience and strength. 


Like embroidery, we are woven together in each other’s lives -- hand-in-hand, we brace ourselves, and hand-in-hand, we will get through. 

marietta's embroidery

minimum amount of order: 2,000 pesos





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