As the nation goes through quarantine, we're continuously finding ways to keep ourselves busy, to lighten the load of our troubles one way or another. For Franchesca Alon, she takes this chance to cultivate her green thumb.


We don't need science to explain our innate attraction to flora, but nature has proven to bring happiness to those that nurture it. Chesca grew up surrounded by green plains, she recalls memories of her childhood at their farm in Baguio, where her Lola spent her days tending to their plants. Up until today, her lola still has her own garden which she takes care of everyday. There's no doubt Chesca was raised by a family that fostered peace and opportunities through plantlife, and now, she wishes to find opportunities of her own through utilizing the popular demand of plants today.


Her business is an up-and-coming shop that will sell cactus and other plant species. Chesca will focus on tending to their family's wide array of plantlife, before they make their way to another caretaker. 


As the new normal continues, the trend of tending to plants will surely increase. Chesca admits that she sees its appeal to the masses. Gardening has been relaxing for her, it has become a great way to unwind. This is why she does not see her business as a form of income, but a way for her to share the soothing qualities of plant preservation as well as a way to share the kindred thing that makes her happy. She wants to contribute to a community that adores plants, to propagate the happiness it brings them, and to encourage a positive and therapeutic hobby that can ease the strain of living within the new normal. 


Chesca hopes for her business to expand and cater to the plantitos and plantitas everywhere by bringing them a larger variety of plants to choose from. She also wishes for her project to be an independent business in the near future, as it continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. 

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