For Filipinos, merienda has always been a staple in our day-to-day lives. Those small moments we spend during the day with our loved ones, eating our favorite snacks, and enjoying the casual conversations that bring out the biggest grins, these are the fleeting memories that mean the most.


It's So Chewy started off just like that, a fleeting memory of Jaime Macasinag trying her hand at baking. As a frustrated baker, it was always just experiments around the kitchen as her and her sister decided to make their favorite: crinkles!

They loved it and wanted to take their chance at putting it on the market. Their parents were skeptical at the thought of another venture as they still held on to old business trauma, but Jaime wanted to give them hope. Soon enough, It's So Chewy was a hit. They decided to develop other recipes and decided to put a twist on classic Pinoy merienda food, creating ube cheese, red velvet, and chocolate flavored pan de sal!

Aside from the fulfilment she feels from her customer's cravings, Jaime loves the time she spends with her family during baking. As she is the quiet girl in the family, she turns into an introvert out of her shell when she bakes. Her goal of inspiring her parents was a success  in just a month and a half into their business. 

With It's So Chewy achieving its goal, Jaime didn't see her business going any further, but with W.O.W. Munti M.A.L.L., she was hopeful that there are larger opportunities lined up for them. Now, she looks forward to being introduced to a larger market, and hopefully to broaden their reach to other parts of Manila and the rest of the country. With their struggles of advertising out of the way, the Macasinags hope to bring the best out of their products in terms of quality and presentation, though their resources are lacking, and with online class on the way, there's a lot on the family's plate. But they will always be motivated by the impact of their baked goods to the public, the happiness it brings them during merienda, or at any other time of day, where moments will come and go, but inspiration stays.

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