Even before the existence of the pandemic, plenty were already turning a blind eye on the capabilities of our brothers and sisters with special needs. The world has put itself in a box, unchanging and immovable from the idea that being different is parallel to being incapable.

Sir Lucky proves us wrong with his band of creators, artists that continue to contribute and showcase their handcrafts, an array of rags, soap, and the like. They are living proof that perseverance goes a long way. 

As a special education teacher, Sir Lucky was inspired by the talent his students possess and realized that they can contribute to society while being able to express themselves. Not only do their handicrafts give them a sense of pride, but it also helps their families in this time of crisis. This business not only emphasizes on its help financially, but has also helped the students and their families find companionship in each other. Now they are all part of a larger family that thrives to help one another amidst difficulties, and to grow together despite those odds. 

Sir Lucky has not only provided a means of earning for our specially abled brothers and sisters but he has also brought them a new perspective at life and a sense of oneness despite their differences. This helps our brothers and sisters move away from the common stereotype that there are things that they can’t do because of their difference, through this initiative, they have learned to see the bigger picture and beauty of their capabilities. 

Every item in his business is not just a mere object, but a reflection of love, pride, and genuine hope for the future, where Sir Lucky and his students hope to flourish with more resources and to find a larger market. With the help of PCCI Muntinlupa's President and other stakeholders, the future is bright for these young talents as they continue their journey of self-awareness while tending to their families.

The special friendship between the PCCI MCI President "Angel Mom" and Principal Marissa Andanza of Alabang Elementary School paved the way for projects and activities that gave opportunities for the gifted nd differently challenged children.  Through the initiative of "Angel Mom", a unique business was conceptualized to hone the special children's talents productively, in ways that contradict the stereotypes, through means that have transformed them into passionate catalysts of change and a means for the children to earn while having fun:  designing greetings cards while promoting Filipino Values.  Henceforth the birth of  E.L.V.I.'s (Enspiriting Life of purpose, Valuing self worth of Individuals with special gift) Truly Special Greetings Cards which "Angel Mom" offered to market.   

As they face another obstacle with the "new normal", there is no doubt that they will charge head on, with no uncertainties, because they know they are larger than what hinders them.

E.L.V.I.'s Angels "Truly Special Greeting Cards" by Alabang Elementary School

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