Dielle’s Apiary and Mediary blossomed from a simple man and his small backyard hobby and his want to provide nothing but the best kind of honey for his family. 


Luke Macababad’s journey began with nothing but a simple dream of owning a farm and land. This is when a friend of his introduced him to the wonders of beekeeping and four colonies later, everything else was history. From the want to provide for this family, simple honey evolved into honey wine and eventually vinegar too. The innovation of creating wine from honey was also inspired by his father-in-law who greatly enjoys wine. 


He adds that his business is not just about profit for him but rather, he enjoys the passion that is taking up and finds serenity in what he does. Despite the relative newness to the market and struggle to promote the product, the drive to learn more and seek more for himself in terms of growth as a person and a bussinessman is what focuses Luke. The knowledge of continuously improving what he already has and striving to continually be better allows him to produce the optimum quality that he wants to offer the public.


Bees are sensitive insects, they feel the shift in our emotions and the change of our mood; when dealing with bees it is important to keep calm and to remain within a serene state. During this pandemic, this state of mind is further highlighted. As we tread on hesitant waters and welcome the uncertainty of times, it is imperative that we remain grounded to the things that have pushed us to where and who we are right now. For Luke, this will always be his family -- as inspiration, as motivation. 


As Dielle’s Apiary and Mediary blooms in the industry and Luke’s hopes and dreams come into fruition, he emphasizes the need to have passion in what we do. Passion is what pushes the borders of what society has placed around us; passion is what defies the gravity that locks us; passion is how we become the fullest version of ourselves and how we reach our optimum potential. 


At all times, good or bad, may we remain in the passion that burns within us, may we carry and continue the good work that has started. 


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