Families have an unspoken, intangible bond, a connection that does not waver. But for the Panghulan family, they are brought together by something a little more tangible, and a whole lot more edible.

Camilla Fruits and Vegetables is a business that dates back to the 1980’s when Clayton Panghulan and Rica de Leon-Panghulan’s parents started growing fruit bearing trees around Quezon and Davao. It wasn’t until 2016 when they decided to expand their reach and gave back to the community by selling fresh products for a reasonable price.

But of course, they did not prosper overnight. They started small, with their friends being the first few buyers, until they set up shop in the market, and later on ventured into selling at bazaars. They are now a growing family business that stands sturdy beside company sellers, as they continue to build regular clientele with the help of a hardworking group of farmers and partner producers that believe in the same cause. 

With their determination, they were able to supply cafeterias, restaurants, convenience stores and the like, advocating for healthy options within a healthy budget. Especially in the time of a growing health concern, they rigorously strive to keep afloat, but this has not been easy. A number of their staff have decided to preserve their well-being, the prices are forced to increase with the growing demand of stocks, while some buyers prefer buying imported produce.

A homegrown, local business like Camilla Fruits and Vegetables has contributed so much to the Panghulans. They gain so much satisfaction from the fruits of their labor, as their produce continues to nourish a number of families that have fostered traditions, stories, and stronger bonds over family meals. They have become a part of another family’s legacy, and the warmth it brings to every person present from harvest to table. 

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