Passion -- this is what pushed Chris Haravata to pursue his dreams of cooking. But rather than putting up a simple restaurant like the many that we see, he opted to maximize his resources and environment and put up a small baking shop within the comfort of his own kitchen and with the help of his family. Hence, The Cake Factory was born. 


Chris has always had the passion for making people smile through the food that he serves, but during this quarantine season, he decided to shake things up and venture into baking. Despite the challenges with regards to the materials and resources needed, he pushes through and makes due with what he already has. Together with his partner, Ana, who manages the marketing aspect of the business, they serve people with cakes as beautiful as they taste. Each design is carefully crafted by Chris himself. 


As The Cake Factory grows within the industry, Chris maintains a mantra of always being true to the client, whether the order is possible or not, and he doesn’t allow the pressure to get to him. What’s important to him is how he remains true to the nature of his growth and maintains the authenticity of his craft. When a business starts growing, the pressure of clients can often be overwhelming and exhausting, it is always a good reminder to stick to the business’ vision and aim, and to remain humble in the process.


The co-owners find joy in making people’s day extra special and more memorable with their baked confections. This gives their work even more purpose and heart -- sharing smiles and hope in the midst of pandemic. Additionally, Chris personally enjoys how the business has drawn his family together as they work to create unique designs and delectable cakes. 


At the end of the day, the outcomes will not always be as positive as we anticipate. But if Chris and Ana have learned anything from this journey, it is to take things in a constructive manner and to always prioritize the happiness they are able to give their customers. The Cake Factory isn’t just serving you the best cakes in town, but also giving you the sweetest smiles. 

each cake is customize base on the customers request and design

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