May it be on a warm Monday afternoon or a cold tuesday evening, coffee can always bring a smile and serenity when needed. When nothing’s going right and the world seems to be crumbling, we take a pause and reach for the nearest cup of fresh joe.  


One Cafe Da Vida Enterprise, meaning good life coffee. When Leilani Salongga thought of this name, it was no coincidence. As a coffee lover, she has always had the passion to learn more about the drink -- different varieties, different blends. She has travelled to different places just to learn more about coffee. However, to her, it wasn’t merely learning about the coffee, it was being in the moment and experiencing the peace that her favorite drink has brought her. It was getting to know coffee on the grassroots level and understanding the community that it has built through taste and fondness. 


Most of her raw materials are sourced from a familial plantation all the way in Sorsogon. Additionally, what inspired her to bring her love for coffee to the masses is the desire to bridge the gap between generations. Nowadays, coffee isn’t just for your 24/7 working adult, it is also for the teens staying up late to study at shops, for young adults who hustle through the commute every morning -- everyone. The trend continues to escalate from the breakfast table to meetings and even large gatherings. Coffee brings about a connection that other drinks aren’t able to. It is warmth and joy all in a small cup. 


Leilani’s business is not just about giving you the best cup of joe available, it is about imparting connection between other coffee lovers and those who are only getting to know the drink. Each sip draws you closer, each stir links you even more. 


The good life isn’t always about the material things, it’s not always about grandeur and success. Sometimes, the good life is simply a warm cup of your favorite drink around the people you want to be with. 

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