A Cup of Connection


“Would you like a cup of coffee?” -- a phrase that bridges the feeling of loneliness and a drink that offers more than just warmth, but connection. Over the years, coffee has become a staple drink in each one’s life; from the teachers who delight in their in-between coffee break with her co-workers to the students who brew it late at night and pour a cup for their study for their studymate. More than just the warmth, coffee is a companion that has held our hands through the rough patches in life. 


Claudia Cruz, a flight attendant from Philippine Airlines, thought this as well. For months, she has been landlocked because of the pandemic and the one thing that brought her hope and serenity is her daily cup of joe. Just this July of 2020, she decided to share her piece of hope and serenity with the rest of the world and came to create Agape Coffee. 


The journey began with a simple conversation about how coffee has become such an essentiality to people of all walks of life. But more than that, Claudia stresses that the journey has also been about reinventing herself and discovering more about what lies beneath the clouds and skies -- learning to reach out to other people and revelling in the stories they have to tell -- connection with her product, the people she works with, her suppliers, and customers. 


To her, it isn’t just about sharing her favorite drink with others; it was about sharing with them her new sense of connection and oneness and how it all boils down to a simple drink. As individuals who strive for our own success, we often forget the importance of interconnection and how this plays a large part in who we choose to be as people. Time and again, we overlook the bits and pieces of wisdom that we are handed, we fail to recall the people who have lent us a hand in crisis or a shoulder to cry on when it was too much. 


Agape Coffee brings the message that we are more than just ourselves but rather a carefully woven interconnection of people. 


May it be over breakfast and with the family, or cup at night in the middle of a coffee shop -- as we are connected to each other, coffee has also connected us with the rest of the world. 


As Claudia strives to overcome the struggles of this pandemic and to take care of her budding business, she sends a message of peace for all of us to take. 

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