Agape Goods:

On a wing and a prayer … and coffee


Flying as a flight attendant for more than a decade, coffee has been the daily staple beverage of Claudia Cruz every time she takes to the sky. It is small wonder, she developed an acquired taste for coffee.  So, when flights came to halt and the crew were grounded due to the Covid-19 pandemic, her natural recourse was to seek comfort in the drink which provided her company in turbulent skies.


When the community quarantine restrictions loosened up in July, she ventured into coffee trading, repacking and distribution as a sole proprietorship under the trade name Agape Goods. Taken from the Greek word for the “highest form of love”, the newly-established firm intends to bring people to an understanding of the unconditional love of God in these trying times even as they enjoy their cup of coffee.


In the brief period that she has been doing the business, Claudia has brought drip coffee, coffee beans, and ground coffee to the residents and boutique establishments within the city and beyond. Working from her 35-square meter condominium, she does her low-intensity and low-capital enterprise repacking coffee varieties of robusta, arabica and liberica from the farms of San Jose, Batangas to be brought to the comfort of her customers’ homes.


She also earlier sold personal protective equipment for use of medical personnel during the ECQ period to augment her disrupted.


Despite the small markup, she finds joy in reconnecting with friends, and making new acquaintances through coffee, as well as sharing positive vibes in these uncertain times through the “agape” love of the Almighty.


As airlines prepare to resume operations amidst challenging circumstances, she is confident of flying once more on a wing and a prayer … and a hot cup of coffee.