A story of compassion




  • W.O.W. Winning Online Wares was an inception of the PCCI MCI President at the outset of her term in 2017 focused on Micro and Small Enterprises Development. 

  • The initiative had its first phase instituted mid of 2017 with initially Direct Marketing to introduce to the corporate market during PCCI MCI events, during city trade fairs and during chamber’s hosting of potential investors and trade partners.

  • The expected reduced sales in January was aggravated by the  Taal volcano incident, rendering a gloomy revenue forecast for the month and  uncertainty for the Valentine month.  This signaled some plausible instability especially for the MSME, who to begin with was struggling on business sustainability.  Eventually, we were confronted with the Covid 19 pandemic even more alarming dysphoria  and business uncertainty

  • With this relevant program, the logistics requirement was addressed with the birth of the “DALI-very SERVICE”….again, a Filipino Brand name that addresses unemployment and a complementation in the Supply Chain Integration. The licensed tricycle drivers with no franchise are envisioned to expand its market eventually in the value chain, to include the respond to the express delivery or the courier/messenger services of corporate companies and residents of subdivisions and villages.

  • The launch on September 8, was intentional, being the birth of the blessed Virgin Mother as the inspiration of the program was her loving mother.  The timing is apt amid an unprecedented crisis, where businesses are grappling with how to support their workforce and sustain their businesses.



Each  Merchants’ Story,  Purpose, and Transformation.

Its unique composition: the MOTHERS, WOMEN, REPATRIATED OFWS, DISPLACED WORKERS, PWDs, ACADEME and TALENTS of SPECIAL CHIDREN and the INCARCERATED with the drive and aim to GIVE a part of their talent/skill, an share their meaning to add value to consumers



  • PCCI MCI aims to:

    • To promote Micro and Small Enterprises through their transition to online setup

    • To collaborate with mothers in sustaining their families

    • To help displaced workers towards job opportunities

    • To support agriculture industry

    • To inspirit life of purpose, valuing self-worth of Special Children and PWD and to give hope to repatriated OFWs

    • To aid OFW PCCI MCI Scholars helping out in the Online Marketing

    • To inspire entrepreneurial spirit amongst the youth

and spearhead avenues for capacity building

  • To provide an avenue for Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Clients and Non-Profit Organizations

  • To herald Filipino values, culture and heritage, respect for elders and responsibility for family and society with a mindset of “Filipino First:, and attitude for gratitude, patriotism and magnanimity



Be the leading ONLINE MARKET FOR A CAUSE composed of MSMEs, PWD and Special Children merchants

  • Transforming communities for Nation-building

  • WOW Munti MALL leads in creating a community where businesses are supportive of one another and connected better to its consumers



  • To provide, support and nurture small establishments towards business sustainability and entrepreneurial-cultured community through online platforms

  • To provide a platform to local and small businesses to advertise their product

  • To be a catalyst for change and shift the mindset of Filipino consumers for increased demand for local-based products and services



* Great Mothers, Women of Grit,

        * Our Heroes: OFWs (repatriated)

        * Displaced Workers including Tricycle drivers

        * Farmers

* Schools, Chlldren and Parents of PWDs




        Alabang Elementary School

        PCCI MCI Members

        PCCI Youth Ambassadors

        Corporate Companies






This trail blazing  E-Commerce  INITIATIVE feature HUMBLE BEGINNINGS of merchants. 

In this online platform, the mothers of MSME’s and the PWDs take the center stage. An unorthodox emergent online marketing that instead of focusing on the target market’s needs and wants, was conceptualized for the sustainability of the vulnerables:   small and  medium enterprises to sustain their families….. Especially amidst crisis rises the greatness of mothers in the battlefield of uncertainties….


It is to be emphasized that the COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE or its unique selling proposition is  its  Merchants’ Story,  Purpose, and Transformation.  Its unique composition: the MOTHERS, WOMEN, REPATRIATED OFWS, DISPLACED WORKERS, MUSLIMS BROTHERS, REPATRIATED OFWS, FRANCHISELESS TRICYCLE DRIVERS, TEACHERS and TALENTS of SPECIAL CHIDREN and the INCARCERATED with the DRIVE and AIM not merely to GIVE a PART of THEMSELVES thru sharing of TALANTS/SKILLS, and SHARE THEIR MEANING to ADD VALUE to CONSUMERS, by doing so, UPLIFT their DIGNITY and SELF WORTH, a subtile understanding of ORA et LABORA (Prayer and Work)


The W.O.W. Winning Online WARES Munti MALL (MSME MARKETPLACE ADVOCATING PATRONIZNG of LOCAL PRODUCE for sustainable LIVELIHOOD for the LADEN aims to INDULGE you to an explosive  glimpse of colors, a slice of paradise, a doze of zephyr, a breath of the heart of gold that values The Masterpiece of Life worth reliving….treasuring the memoirs  of mothers, special children, that once was just a dream, then a product, now more than chronicles, a compilation of winning stories that inspire generations.  

Thanks to Technology and Innovations this game changing vehicle helps us REALIZE that BEYOND each LOCAL PRODUCT, beyond the special PROCESS in its PRODUCTION, beyond EXCELLENCE in QUALITY, beyond the BRAND, beyond the NAME….LIES a RIVETING STORY….and is WORTH TELLING, ….that is what makes it MORE MEANINGFUL  to ADD VALUE to OTHERS.   In all its entirety, unrivalled character, unparalleled sweat and blood, the soul, the heart, beyond compare…..an ABYSS of HOPE amidst a MYRIAD of OPPORTUNITIES in the REALM of UNCERTAINTIES, it is the  laudable LOCAL GOODS take a BOW….. the by-product of LABOR and LOVE. Call it The FRUIT of COURAGEOUS SPIRIT and RESILIENCE. Or better yet an INSPIRATION  worth the EXPERIENCE. 


And life goes on where you may, If you please, engage to add value, render MORE PURPOSE,  to SPICE UP and ALREADY MEANINGFUL STORY.  In the CONTINUUM, BETWIXT  exhilarating SYNERGY in our COLLECTIVE EFFORTS and THRUST to VOUCHSAFE endless ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES for our MSMEs and PWD through exposure in the NATIONAL arena and in the GLOBAL SPHERE through a MEDLEY of COOLEST DEALS from our STARS…. Halal SIOMAI,  to the TRADITIONAL LUMPIANG SARIWA, ILOKOS EMPANADA, to the unique bottled Polvoron and BOTTLED Mangang Hilaw with POWDERED BAGOONG to the FARMER’s FRESH Fruits and Vegetables, nutrition Honey Wine, to Honeybees nutritious drinks, TRADITIONAL woven embroidered materials, local capiz picture frames from Marieta’s Embroidery to the SHIP in a BOTTLE and other Filipino Handicrafts from our New Bilibid INMATES, to the BAGS of a COMMUNITY of WOMEN Ms. TRINA BIAZON is helping, to the manufacturing of PPEs and FACIAL MASKS by MCTI all with the WARMEST of HEARTS, oozing with passion, flowing of dreams, bubbling with reasons, with a noble PURPOSE : to be the nurturing MOTHER of the FAMILY, mother to the BUSNESS, mother to the CITY, to the COUNTRY and be the NURTURING MOTHER TO HUMANITY.


And to further enhance the flavor and add character to this noble program, is the conception of the DALI-very Service to handle the courier and express messengerial service of corporate companies.  And the value chain just gets better.


Congruent to the thrust of the PCCI Muntinlupa of capacity building, championing ENTREPRENEURSHIP and continuous learning and improvement, collaboration with various agencies and training institutions to enhance skills and accelerate the personal growth, professional development to better serve and increase CONSUMER DEMAND for LOCAL PRODUCTS for the MSME’s business sustainability.  And each STORY makes strides, gets climactic, too interesting enough to INSPIRE MORE ENTREPRENEURS for more SUCCESS STORIES to SHARE, to IMPACT a MULTITUDE to REPRODUCE globally competitive LOCAL ENTREPRENEURS.


It is our hope and FERVENT PRAYER that our WOW Munti MALL will be an EFFECTIVE AVENUE where we FORGE MORE MEANINGFUL COLLABORATIONS where we can help accelerate the GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT of MSMEs and fortify our RELATIONSHIP as MENTOR and ENABLERS to INTENSIFY the THRUST towards PEOPLE-CENTERED COMMUNITY  from the grassroots level where we WALK the TALK when we ECHO in CHORUS    “ TRUST LOCAL, Shop Local FOR A CAUSE” in a city



Thank you for BELIEVING in our LOCAL TALENTS. Thank you for your confidence in  LOCAL PRODUCTS and SERVICES.  And Thank you for supporting WOW Munti MALL.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY


Elvi Sanchez Quiazon


In the midst of the pandemic, various families have lost their breadwinners, many displaced workers are now forced to find income through other means, and a number of businesses have lost their profit as the world shifts into a “new normal.” With the emergence of physical distancing and a myriad of health protocols, brings forth the struggles of small businesses around the country.

Undeterred by the distress brought by COVID-19, a beacon of hope arises for the masses and as service to its members.  This online portal W.O.W. (Winning Online Wares) Munti M.A.L.L. (MSME Market Advocating Local Produce for Sustainable Livelihood) is the brainchild of the PCCI Muntinlupa City Inc.'s President, "Angel Mom".  This E-commerce initiative has been conceptualized to laud the laden: women of grit, repatriated OFW's, inmates of New Bilibid Prison, PWD's, farmers, fishfolks, and the unemployed, including tis chamber members to keep afloat.  The PCCI Muntinlupa City Inc.'s dynamic members and diligent secretariat/Youth Ambassadors: Jamie Macasinag, Chesca Alon, and Carr Paladin made the dream a reality.

In W.O.W. Munti M.A.L.L., our merchants are our priority. We dig deep into the essence of our local craftsmen – we unravel the story behind every ingredient, every piece of fabric, and every hand behind each creation. We write for the hearts of every mother’s sacrifice, every dreamer’s vision finally coming to life, for every fond memory someone left behind. The initiative was born not of the need to gain income through these hard times but rather, it was born to instill hope and confidence for those who need it most.

It is a helping hand to the tricycle drivers who have lost their source of profit and gain, for the flight attendant who is landlocked for the meantime, the elderly couple who’s joy is to bring smiles on people’s faces as they take a bite of food. More importantly, it is for the mother who worries about her child’s expenses and the future they will have, for the student who frantic about online classes and where to get a working laptop from, it is for every manong who wake up for his family, for every manang who juggles different jobs -- it is for them. 

The souls of those who carry passion are immortalized by their descendants, and our ambition is to nurture their stories and share them to the world. W.O.W. Munti M.A.L.L., thrives on the drive and inspiration that its merchants have to offer. It aims to not only give them hope but also to sustain legacies that fight to endure even in the face of trying times.  In our collaboration with these local businesses as they transition to accommodate the “new normal” we wish to create a community that thrives on the success of kindred spirits. As the world heals, we will also tend to the wounds of those whose hopes were lost. Little by little, we will rebuild and replenish as a collective, with passion and empathy as our foundation – a force that withstands despite the obstacles we are facing in the world today. With our desire for positive change and advocacy to propagate an unconditional sense of humanity through our own sustainable means, join is as we “Trust Local, Shop Local, For a Cause!”

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"Angel mom"